Accusing (Menuduh), Blaming (Menyalahkan) and Admiting Mistake (Mengakui Kesalahan)

In interpersonal conversation we often exprience many kinds of situation. Making mistake is one of the examples. When we make a mistake, sometimes we fell difficult to confess it. It's good thing if we want to admit our mistake. The following are expresions of accusing, blaming and admiting.

  1. Accusing

    • It must have been you who did it
    • (pastilah Kamu yang telah melakukannya)
    • I think you're the only person who could have done it
    • (saya kira hanya kamulah satu-satunya orang yang bisa mekakukannya)
    • You must be doing something wrong

    • You must be the doer

  2. Blaming

    • It was your fault

    • You are the one to blame

    • Serves you right

    Someone who accused of blamed usually declines it. The following are the responses used

    • It's not true

    • It wasn't me

    • You are wrong, I didn't do it

    • I am not the one to blame

  3. Admiting Mistake

  4. When we did something wrong, it's better for us to admit or confess our mistake. We can use the following expressions.

    • I have to admit that ...

    • I was the one to blame

    • I admit I was wrong

    • I havd made a mistake

    we can also use the expressions of apology, for example, I am sorry, forgive me!. To respond it, we can use :

    • Okay, just don't do it again

    • It's alright

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Kholil Al Qusyairi mengatakan...

it's better for us to admit or confess our mistake.

chelsea fc ( lengkap) mengatakan...

kasih contoh dialognya gan

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